Lost in a sea of spiral-bound notebooks

Trying to retrieve some data from the past, digging through my archive of notes. This pile of papers contains only a slightly higher signal-to-noise ratio than the volume of whiteboard sketches I have photographed on my phone.

I haven’t yet found what I was searching for in all that old scribbling,but I did find some old gems, most of which were _not_ work-related.  Perhaps I’ll repost some stuff from the archive as excerpts here on this blog.  Would that mean I could throw out the notebook, now that the data is in digital format?  Perhaps.

Meanwhile, I did pitch several volumes into the recycling bin, so that’s a step in the right direction.  My office is a little less like something from Douglas Adams.

Slartibartfast’s study was a total mess, like the results of an explosion in a public library. The old man frowned as they stepped in.

“Terribly unfortunate,” he said, “a diode blew in one of the life-support computers. When we tried to revive our cleaning staff we discovered they’d been dead for nearly thirty thousand years. Who’s going to clear away the bodies, that’s what I want to know.

Additionally, now that I’ve experimented with the built-in formatting, I suppose I should add some media.  Let’s end with an enigmatic whiteboard image.


What if we had a bunch of tiny clouds?

Do we really need another blog?

Certainly not, especially not one that takes its title from an Andrew Marvell poem.

Still, I need a place to exercise writing. As my prose descends to the darkest depths of “IT English” and as I begin to “prepend” and “grep” more than I prefix and search, we begin to see the need for writing outside the boundaries of IT.

Of course the subject matter of this blog will probably revolve around that world, so let’s just tag this post with a category for IT or Information Technology or geek or whatever, and get back to work!