Need a new hobby

In an effort to bolster my Python skills and do something toward game development, I did a little work with the PyGame framework last night.

Because I still struggle with syntax, I’m thankful for the PyCharm IDE. In a white space based language, it’s super cool when you highlight a bunch of lines and then tap the TAB key to indent them: woot!

So my end result was an MP3 player with two controls: on for play/pause, and another that fetched headlines from ib’s Delivery API: not yet a game, but at least working software,

3 thoughts on “Need a new hobby

  1. Interesting- that excerpt from Russolo’s letter reads like a Bukowski poem.

    I think truly asonal noise could easily be achieved if you try and mix radically different cultural ideas of “good” music. Think Iggy Pop meets Bulgarian choir music meets Kirtan meets Cheb i Sabbah. I dare GirlTalk to make it sound good. (He’ll succeed).

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