Quarantine Day 75

It’s been a weird time recently, most certainly.

The day before Saint Patrick’s Day, I started my new job, met my new coworkers, picked up my new laptop, and haven’t been back since: 100% working from home since then, for better or for worse.

Meanwhile, I thought that the year 2018 would be the defining year for a decade: I lost a lot of family and friends and struggled with mortality.

2019 was balanced: I had a difficult job but a beautiful vacation.

Shouldn’t 2020 be a rebound year, then? No, not even close. Already we’re on track to lose more family and friends than two years ago, and between the global pandemic, the protests and associated chaos, and then the overall uncertainty, this year is shaping up not only to define a decade, but perhaps a century?

Meanwhile, there are potatoes in the garden, hops in the trellis, and peppers in pots, so life goes on.

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