Changing Gears

Yesterday and today I did something that I’ve not done for years: yoga, specifically Vinyasa style.

It’s ironic: my awesome partner in crime is a yoga instructor. But me, a yoga practitioner? Not so much.

I selected a DVD from near the turn of the century and tried to remember how to relax. Short story: I tried too hard on Day One. I received some helpful pointers from my better half, and today’s Day Two practice was more about relaxation and less about strained achievement.

Additionally, in the realm of “when was the last time you did that,” today I made bread.

My sister’s gluten-free cookbook and bread machine led me toward a loaf of rice flour, garbanzo flour, and unusual ingredients like xanthan gum. It wasn’t great, but it was bread after all. Yum.

Last Week In Review

Last week was the first week since I put myself on requiescence from my career of over twenty years, so I mostly tried not to overdo it, but instead take it somewhat easy.

After a weekend of perhaps too much beer and too many hours of XCOM 2, I felt the need to get some exercise. Monday morning began with a 9 mile walk which proved I have a lot of work to do before I am ready for this summer’s hiking trip to Glacier and Waterton.

Arah and I did some cooking on Tuesday and I walked around the neighborhood, adding to Little Libraries some of the childhood books recently brought up from Rochester.

Wednesday was busy: Ed drove up from Northfield. We parked downtown at the Depot and took the Green Line into Minneapolis, exiting at the Hennepin Avenue station.

Ed hadn’t yet been to the Marvel Bar, so I had to share its peculiar entrance and ambiance. For whatever reason we were guided toward New Orleans beverages: Ed had a Sazerac and I had my first Creole, which was an interesting variation on the Vieux Carré. The bartender attempted to explain to me an ingredient in the Creole that was only recently available in North America via Colorado, but I confess I have forgotten the details of her mixology lesson.

Larry found us, despite the nondescript entrance, and we proceeded to Lucé for a slice apiece. Ed and I used to frequent this Warehouse District location shortly after it opened, so it was a bit surreal to revisit it some 23 years later: damn it, that’s half our lives ago!

We then arrived at the main event: Pure Bathing Culture and Lucius at First Avenue. While I had purchased and enjoyed the music from these bands ahead of time, both performances exceeded my expectations, and the surprise addition of Gaelynn Lea made it very special.

One of my goals for this time off from work is remembering what I like to do when I’m not working, so going back to some old haunts like Lucé and First Ave with cronies like Ed and Larry really helped.

By Saturday I was feeling like was starting to calcify again, so I plotted another 9-ish mile walk, this time following the Lilydale trail. I did spy a Bald Eagles’ nest, and saw one of the birds perching and another in flight.


On Sunday I completed a years-overdue repair of the laundry chute door, too heavy for its 90 year old fasteners: the top hinge was pulling out of the stripped-out holes in the door frame. After much swearing, piloting (too narrow), repiloting (too short), burnt wood smoke from the drill, I was able reattach the hinge above with new fasteners. Hopefully it’ll hold for a few years.

Maybe not the best day to walk to work

Seriously.  Rather stupidly, I walked to work today, and despite wearing YakTrax, it took almost twice as long as normal, almost an hour and a half instead of the usual forty-five minutes, because I was making little penguin steps the whole way, because there was so much re-frozen ice beneath the layer of new-fallen snow.  Despite my best efforts, I broke traction over a dozen times, but managed to catch myself before I fell.  I don’t think I’ll walk home today, unless it gets a _lot_ warmer (or colder) this afternoon.