When Worlds Collide

This evening Arah and I attended an UXPAMN event at DevJam in the basement of their offices in Minneapolis.  This was weird for me, because normally when I’m downstairs, it’s for Fight Club for Geeks.

I always learn a lot when Dave Hussman talks about his experiences with various clients, and tonight the focus was on user experience and product development: very timely.

Lots of tension between story or experience-based product development versus task or delivery-based development. It was enlightening to get the perspective that so many of the practices I’ve been using recently are a function of trying to solve the problems with product delivery, mostly because so many organizations struggle to deliver product.

I told myself aloud that I wasn’t going to engage in my typical compulsive note-taking, so I left my iPad, my SmartPen and my microdot notebook in the car. And I see I’ve taken two pages of notes on my phone…

Some things I need to dive into later: